Perseverance, passion and quality ingredients

The mission of Ozzo CBD

At Ozzo CBD, we truly believe in the wonderful effects of CBD. In addition to offering the purest, safest, and most effective products in the industry, our mission is to also inform and educate the CBD community on the properties of this wonderful hemp-based product.

Who Is Ozzo CBD?

Based in the Old Continent, in Hungary and Spain, our Ozzo CBD family has developed relations with a wide range of partners, from agriculture experts and farmers who supply the purest hemp in the industry, to biologists, chemists and marketers who have helped build the brand to what it is today.

Our CBD products are derived from controlled, regulated industrial hemp, which is constantly tested for germs, pesticides, diluents, heavy metals and chemical fertilisers. Our CBD oils are legal throughout the European Union and can be used in combination with food and/or as supplements.

Moreover, every Ozzo CBD product is GMO free and an impartial laboratory guarantees composition and purity. We have built our careers around the creation of the best CBD tinctures on the market, and we truly believe that our products will bring out the full potential of hemp extracts.

What is the composition of Ozzo CBD oil?

One of the things that make Ozzo CBD unique in the market is that all of our products are made from real hemp grown in a microclimate specific to its species. Many commercially available CBD hemp oils are derived from Asian hemp seeds, which contain very small amounts of useful cannabidiol.

On the other hand, our products are derived from the stems, leaves and flowers of the industrial strain of Cannabis sativa L. This hemp strain has been specifically developed on farms and contains a very high amount of CBD but almost no THC (each batch is checked for less than 0.02% THC).

For this reason, each of our oils guarantees the positive effects of CBD, without any of the psychoactive effects normally associated with cannabis.

Finally, every Ozzo CBD product is legally sourced and processed, in accordance with production and distribution regulations that allow us to market and deliver goods to all European countries.

Why is it worth buying Ozzo CBD?

Perseverance, passion and quality ingredients | We are well aware that in today’s unregulated market, shoppers find many low quality and fake products. We also know that there are several competitors in the industry that offer genuine, quality CBD. However, we firmly believe that none of these products are made with the passion, knowledge and quality of raw hemp ingredients that we have at Ozzo CBD. Check out one of our laboratory reports or read customer reviews to see for yourself.

Laboratory-verified composition and purity | As already mentioned, the composition and purity of each Ozzo CBD product is verified with up-to-date independent laboratory tests. If you feel that the analysis is out of date, you can call or email us to get the latest version.

Best knowledge and customer service in the industry | Take a look at the websites of some of our competitors and you will immediately realise that customer contact is their lowest priority. At Ozzo CBD, we invite you to call or email us at any time with questions about hemp products, extraction/manufacturing practices, or CBD in general. [Please note that Ozzo CBD is not staffed by healthcare professionals, so we CANNOT provide dosage recommendations and other advice.]