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Recently CBD has been more and more visible in the media and pet markets. Each CBD website added a category of animal CBD oils or pet treats. But what is CBD and why is it useful to you and your pets?

Benefits of CBD

CBD is known to have positive effects on disorders such as acute and chronic pain, women’s physiological problems, headaches, stomach problems, anxiety, sleep problems, loss of appetite, cancer, skin and hair problems. Although none of these claims have been 100% proven by medical research, since the FDA has only just approved CBD oil for further research, a large number of users can confirm the benefits of CBD.

Why is CBD only a food supplement?

CBD is not yet classified as a drug, but even as a dietary supplement, it has achieved results where medicine has failed. CBD is a cannabinoid, it is extracted from industrial hemp and marijuana plants and then converted into oil. Many people use this oil to treat various disorders, even though the substance is not yet approved by the FDA. Dietary supplements are not subjected to additional testing to prove their medical use. Therefore, CBD oil can only be used as a dietary supplement. Various CBD compounds, along with endocannabinoid receptors, are found in various animals.

CBD products for animals have a high potential for success in the market once CBD is tested as a medical product. Nevertheless, users are already testing CBD supplements themselves.

Can CBD oil help cats?

To date, CBD has been given to cats for eating disorders, fur and skin problems, diabetes, anxiety and tumours. Vets have even begun to recommend giving CBD to cats and dogs as a natural supplement that helps with various ailments even before they occur.

Cats and food

Cats are usually very picky about their food. Many cats eat either only canned food or fresh food, others prefer only solid feed, while others prefer mice and small birds.
The first thing you need to remember is that cats and dogs are not the same. Cats are strict carnivores and need a certain amount of meat every day. If they do not eat enough, a few drops of CBD, initially directly into the mouth and then the next day with food, will help resolve the issue of appetite loss. In addition to nutritional problems, CBD can be given to cats in the case of diabetes.

Cat diabetes

CBD can also help cats with diabetes. CBD helps in the production of insulin and reduces inflammation. It affects endocannabinoids in the feline endocannabinoid system. It helps cats with diabetes and acts as a protection for those who don’t have it yet.

Fur and skin

CBD can help cats with fur and skin problems. Cats that regularly go outside are more likely to experience such problems. Such conditions can easily be transmitted to other cats or humans. CBD oil can help solve fur and skin problems, and the oily consistency can protect against fleas.
Anxiety, cancer, tumours, breathing and stomach

Some cats feel lots of anxiety. CBD can help calm them down. When administered internally, CBD also acts as an agent to kill tumours and cancer cells. These diseases, like diabetes, are quite common in cats. CBD can also help with upper respiratory and digestive issues. Cats, like dogs and humans, can benefit greatly from CBD supplements. CBD has various healing properties that will do good to your cat.

Side effects

The use of CBD can cause some side effects, but none of them have a particularly negative effect on cats. CBD causes drowsiness and increases appetite. If your cat is already obese, it is very important to maintain their diet when using CBD. You shouldn’t give them more food just because they want it. An obese cat is not a healthy cat, no matter the supplements or food.

CBD oil for you and your cat

CBD has many benefits and few side effects, so it can provide great results. Surprisingly, very few people make use of this wonderful substance.
You should always consult a specialist before deciding to administer the product to your animals. In case your veterinarian doesn’t oppose it, you may want to try adding these products to your pet’s diet.

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