CBD oil for horses

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CBD oil has already proven its medical and recreational benefits. It helps to relieve various types of pain, acute and chronic, medium to short term. Ozzo CBD has also contributed to helping relieve joint pains and diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, but people continue looking for uses that best suit their needs. CBD can also help animals, not just humans - and horses are no exception. Horses are prone to joint and muscle pain, as well as diseases such as arthritis. Additionally, horses get anxious pretty quickly. Another common problem they have is digestion. CBD can be the solution to all of these problems.

Does my horse have such health issues?

Horses are animals that often have problems from a certain age. For example, arthritis results from an uneven distribution of their weight: a greater proportion of their weight is on the front of their body, which places a load on their front legs, making them more vulnerable to injuries, sprains and fractures. Another common disorder is laminitis, which is characterised by severe pain and the possibility of the horse becoming disabled or even dying. In such cases, CBD oil affects horses the same way as humans. It reduces inflammation, which is essentially the source of pain. It also helps relieve nerve endings, which can also be a source of pain.

Is my horse’s anxiety normal or problematic?

Horses are by nature skittish animals that are easily frightened, even at the slightest noise or sudden movement. CBD can help reduce such sudden reactions and protect animals from injury. Usually when among people, horses are made to wear eye covers, so that they don't feel too anxious. With a daily dose of CBD oil, the horse will maximise its benefits by being calmer and more focused. In this case, there will be less chance of the animal feeling chronic stress or something more serious. Even if a horse feels no pain and is not terribly anxious, taking CBD oil can still benefit him.

My horse has stomach problems, can CBD help?

Many horses suffer from digestive issues such as indigestion of food, gas, heartburn, or even more serious conditions such as colitis or stomach ulcers. Cannabinoids, a natural part of the body, reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, and when they are inadequately balanced, problems arise. CBD can supplement the system with cannabinoids and solve many medical problems. CBD oil has a positive effect on horses and can be applied not only externally but also internally. This means that CBD can be a solution for stomach problems and disorders that affect the entire digestive system. Horses are known to not have good digestion and gut health more generally, so using cannabis supplements can be beneficial. Many people would not mind spending whatever required sums when it comes to taking care of their pet. However, CBD can replace pills and other dietary supplements. All you need to do is add some oil to your horse's daily feed or apply it under their tongue to reap even more of the CBD benefits.

Is CBD really safe?

CBD oil is a reliable, natural alternative to other dietary supplements. It helps relieve pain and also reduces inflammation resulting from an active horse lifestyle. CBD oil can restore playfulness and increase appetite, helping improve the overall well-being and joy of the animal. Consuming CBD oil provides many physiological and psychological benefits. One of the biggest physical benefits is the fact that oil helps the digestive tract a lot. Adding a little bit of CBD oil to horse food, you can help ensure that their body has a healthy, balanced level of cannabinoids. In this way, the colon and the gastrointestinal tract will function best.

Can CBD oil really help my horse?

Cannabinoids can help horses in many ways, so it can be really hard to believe how much can be achieved by adding just a little CBD to a horse's daily diet. CBD oil has amazing benefits for you and your horses - it will help them grow as healthy as possible, regardless of their purpose - for racing, on the farm or simply as pets.

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