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CBD Flowers “Versus 1” 15% (3g and 10 G)

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  • Contains: 15 % CBD + CBD + CBDA + CBG + CBC cannabinoids.
  • THC <0.2%
  • Prevents catabolism and suppresses stress-induced inflammatory processes.
  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • This strain is collobration PRO bodybuilder Aivars Grigjānis
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Weight: 3g

CBD Flowers of Versus 1  with broad-spectrum CBD content.

Contains: 15 % CBD + CBD + CBDA + CBG + CBC cannabinoids.

This strain is collobration PRO bodybuilder Aivars Grigjānis

CBD for athletes

The body of an athlete is subject to immense physical stress, which has its pros and cons. In result of regular exercise there is possibility for trauma. In case of such trauma the use of painkillers might be necessary. Most over the counter pain medication is very effective, but usually – quite harmful if used regularly. In the last few years, a discussion about CBD as a painkiller has emerged in the public domain.

Daily use of commercially available pain medication is associated with far greater health risks than ever thought before. Every year tens of thousands of people die from legal opioid overdose, as a consequence of their addictiveness. People’s desire for alternative methods of reducing physical pain are completely understandable. Are CBD products for you? There’s a lot of information to consider so get comfy and start reading!

Functions of CBD:

Maximizes macro- and micro-nutrient absorption in the body.

Inhibits catabolism, minimizes stress-related inflammation processes.

Helps regeneration of neurons (nerve cells) after physical exhaustion.

Contributes to appetite after physical stress.

Betters your sleep and reduces mental stress. Promotes secretion of growth hormones.

Enhances mechanisms of regeneration of the body and is considered an “Elixir of youth”.


Product of a variety registered in the EU. 

Only for collecting purposes and for further processing.

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Strains -  Blue Cheese, Pinepple Kush

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CBD Flowers “Versus 1” 15%...


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