CLIPPER Flint System micro Child-proof

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  • Size: micro
  • Note: Ignition Firestone
  • Other: Replaceable Flintstone
  • Other: Child-proof
  • Info : Pack of 3 flint strikers.
  • Clipper original Flint Strikers, can be used in Classic Medium and Classic Micro Lighters Pack of 3 flint strikers.
  • Useful for pressing rolling tobacco.
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If your lighter is not working and when you attempt to light it you notice that the flint is sitting loose, solve the problem by changing the flint striker! This means you won’t have to give away your favourite lighter and will extend its life. It’s very easy to change the flint striker.

You will only need to remove the old flint striker and replace it with the new one to keep on using your Clipper.

CLIPPER® firestone mechanism - childproof spare flint system for CLIPPER® lighters. CLIPPER® cult lighters have a replaceable flintlock system with a replaceable flintlock stone for over 3,000 ignitions. The flintlock system is alternatively used as a compaction tool.

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