Biodor Control CNB Eucalipto Gel 33g
Biodor Control CNB Eucalipto Gel 33g
Biodor Control CNB Eucalipto Gel 33g

Biodor Control CNB Eucalipto Gel 33g

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Biodor Control CNB is an odor neutralizer specially developed for cannabis and tobacco odors. It is a product that combines several technologies to neutralize odors for an excellent result, eliminating odors on a surface of up to 50 square meters. Duration of 30-60 days depending on temperature and airflow.

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Biodor Control CNB completely eliminates the smell of cannabis and tobacco.

It is the most effective odor neutralizer on the market, the only one specifically designed for the odors generated by cannabis and tobacco. It does not mask the smell, it completely eliminates it, leaving a soft citrus and floral fragrance.
Biodor Control CNB is a solid gel that contains a series of non-toxic natural and synthetic essential oils. These oils evaporate and remain in the air until they come into contact with the odorous molecules and neutralize them. 
Due to its innovative technology and high concentration, the 33-gram gel format is more effective than other similar 400-gram products.
Eliminates the smell of spaces up to 50 square meters for 2 months. The range depends on the intensity of the odor, the duration, the temperature, the evaporation surface and the air flow.
How to use: Open the container and leave the gel inside the protective cloth in a ventilated place.
If it is used in very confined spaces and the odor it gives off is not to your liking, it is recommended to use it until the odor is neutralized and then store it in an airtight container until it is used again.

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