SPARK Organic Booster 1 L

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SPARK is an organic flowering stimulant that’s derived from Ascophyllum nodosum (Arctic seaweed in liquid form), which comes loaded with trace elements, proteins, vitamins and more. What’s more – this special formulation comes loaded with Potassium and packed with plant-growth hormones and micronutrients, designed to give your plant’s budding, flowering and fruiting – a crazy boost!

Its awesome phytonutrients will increase the number of buds and flowers on your plants, resulting it bigger yields, and using it during the flowering stage also boosts your plant’s metabolism. In other words, it’ll help SPARK the flowering of your indoor or outdoor garden, before you can say “Ascophyllum nodosum”!

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Enhance flowering with Crazy Hills Spark. You'll really increase your yield size. 

It's a plant biostimulant based on Ascophyllum nodosum, Arctic seaweed. 

Spark is loaded with the potassium and micronutrients needed to increase the number of flowering sites it grows.

Use it to ramp up flowering, fruiting & bud formation. 

  • Fuel flowering, fruiting & bud formation
  • Contains Ascophyllum nodosum, Arctic seaweed
  • Prevent nutrient deficiencies & lockout
  • Increase the number of flowering sites
  • 55% organic ingredients
  • NPK 0.2-0.01-3.5
  • Dilution rate (root): 2-3ml/L
  • Dilution rate (foliar): 1-2ml/L

Guaranteed Analysis

55% Organic matter. 0.2% (N) Nitrogen, total ((O.2 % (N) Organic nitrogen)). 0.01% (P2O5) Phosphate, total. 3.5% (K2O) Potassium oxide, water soluble

Raw Ingredients

Seaweed (extract from Ascophyllum nodosum), Water.



Nobody enjoys faffing with their feed. The Crazy Hills range was formulated with this in mind.

It was made for fuss-free, hand feeding. No mixing and no pH measuring is needed. You don’t need meters or truncheons. Effort is truly minimal and there’s lots of margin for error. 

Everything is made in-house, with high-quality ingredients, including Norwegian kelp and algae - no expense was spared. 

The range works extremely well with microbe products - like Great White Mycorrhizae. The ingredients in the Crazy Hills mix with other microbes to further create a diverse biosphere. One that pushes growth when hand feeding.

How to Use

You can use it as a foliar spray or root feed.

Root feed

  • Mix 10ml - 20ml with 10L of water
  • Apply weekly, during lights off throughout veg

Foliar feed

  • Mix 10 - 20ml with 10L of water
  • Apply weekly or as needed, during lights off throughout veg
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SPARK Organic Booster 1 L

30,00 €

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