Growth Technology Root Riot 24 Cubes Tray

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  • Providing excellent conditions and an ideal environment for root tray development.
  • Tray dimensions 31 x 19cm
  • Dimensions of the individual cube 32 x 32 x 38mm
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Tray dimensions 31 x 19cm
Dimensions of the individual cube 32 x 32 x 38mm

Made from organic, composted ingredients, Root Riot Propagation Cubes maintain an ideal water-to-air ratio for fast and healthy plant growth. This revolutionary product is suitable for both seeds and cuttings. As they are saturated with biologically active ingredients and microelements, they positively influence root development while providing adequate nutrients to growing plants.

Growth Technology Root Riot Cubes consist of peat that has been gently and finely ground to provide the perfect starting environment for cuttings, seeds and even plant clones. This mixture allows for excellent air movement, easy root penetration and exceptional water holding capacity, even after the plants are transferred to other growing environments. You will soon discover that the Root Riot system provides the optimal environment for both seed take-off and the root development phase.

Benefits of Root Riot:

* Ensures fast and vigorous rooting

* RootRiot® have optimal pH and EC values that remain stable even after addition of water or solution thanks to the buffering of the material properties. This makes Root Riot's easy to use and reduces the consequences of grower errors

* Dust free

*Easy to use

* Proven and reliable results

* 100% biodegradable

Sowing seeds:

Place the seeds in the holes in the cube

Place the tray of cubes in a warm place until sprouting begins

Seedlings and clones:

Select the desired area to trim and cut at a slant below the stem thickening or stem knot (the short, often thickened part of the stem from which the flowers grow). Remove most of the leaves, leaving only a few.

Dip the cut piece of the mother plant into Growth Technology Clonex rooting gel, then gently place it in the hole on top of the Root Riot Cube. Insert the cut plant fragment carefully, without applying pressure.

Spray the cuttings with Clonex Mist (or an alternative preparation), cover with plastic wrap or a transparent lid in a glasshouse (e.g. Garland brand) to help maintain adequate humidity. Spray regularly during the growing process. The version in the tray offered in this offer will make it easier for you to use the product, we recommend a greenhouse available here: LINK

You can transplant the plant when its roots are visible to the eye. If necessary, the cube itself can be transplanted into any growth system.


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