10% CBD Õlid


  • Total 1000mg CBD content
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Pure hemp formula (less than 0.2% THC)
  • Natural, “earthy” hemp oil flavour
  • Made in Spain
  • Free Shipping
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Our premium 1000mg natural full-spectrum CBD oil comes in a 10ml bottle, and contains 1000 mg of CBD. This = 30 mg CBD per serving, with a single serving defined as 5 drops of oil. Each bottle contains 30 servings for effective, longterm use.

Our Ozzo CBD oil offers a full-spectrum formula for those who appreciate the raw, earthy undertone of 100% natural hemp with no added flavors. While subtle and not at all overwhelming, many people describe the taste as rooty or strong – not unlike that of a fresh wheat grass. 100% raw hemp extract for controlled uplifting, potency, and vitality.



Ozzo CBD is a leading CBD company dedicated to those aiming to improve their quality of life. What began with creating the highest quality product for friends and family, has quickly grown into a whole empire, as demand for Ozzo CBD has grown much faster than we ever expected.




10 arvustust tootele 10% CBD Õlid

  1. Tom

    Delivery was fast and product are also really good, I really liked these hemp fibers in packaged!!

    One love

  2. Gunita Gaile

    Ļoti efektīvs pret sāpēm un trauksmi. Paldies

  3. Arvis

    Produkts darbojas 100%, lai gan tas nav lēts. No otas puses cenas visiem apm vienādas.Šeit gan ļoti laba kvalitāte

  4. Sigita

    Nu nezinu, cena par šo eļļu ir ĻOTI laba.

  5. ozzo (toote omanik)

    Super produkts!

  6. Juta

    Ļoti efektīvs pret trauksmi un sāpēm.

  7. Ināra

    Efektīvs produkts,iesaku

  8. Nauris

    Pasūtu tikai pie jums

  9. Uģis

    Paliidz lab pret trauksmi un nomierina

  10. Dita

    Super eļļa , iesaku

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