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  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Portable
  • No tools required 
  • Built for home growers 
  • Made of high balistic-grade plastics Twister T6 trimmer quantity 1
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The Twister T6 is designed and engineered with the highest grade materials available, including high-performance ballistic-grade plastics, high-grade anodized alloy aluminum, and 304 stainless steel used throughout. The result is quite possibly the highest grade, most durable, easiest to use, easiest to clean, small-capacity trimmers ever made! Trimming with the Twister T6 is easy. It’s all about the three P’s – Product, Preparation, and Process. Spending some time understanding these three elements and how they affect your trim session will go a long way to achieving success with your new Twister T6.


The condition of your flower is key. This is true with any style of trimming. While impossible to handle every strain or flower type on the planet, the Twister T6 was designed to handle most conditions, and it’s extremely capable at handling nearly everything you load into it. That said, you’ll want to pay close attention to a few variables. When trimming dry, you’ll want to trim your flower at a moisture level between 8-11%, where the outside material of your flower is dry but the inside is spongy moist. How to test? Lightly squeeze the bud between your thumb and finger. If it crumbles, the product is too dry. If it stays squeezed it’s too moist. If it bounces back, it’s just right!


When trimming dry, you’ll want to remove any fan leaves and larger leafy material before you hang dry your product. Dry at 78-80 degrees F with a humidity level of approx. 62%. After you’ve reached your desired moisture level, buck the product off the plant and cut the stems as close to the flower as possible. Why? Stems can cause the flower to “pole vault” within the tumbler, reducing the chances the leaf will gain access to the blades. Removal of excess material will help produce a better final product and speeds up your trim time.


With all the variations in flower out there, i.e.: strains, conditions, moisture levels, flower density, etc. it’s impossible to provide one process that works with all flower conditions. The good news is the T6 is built to customize your trimming experience to match most flower conditions.

Please feel free to ask for additional information, product manual, technical specifications of the product or anything else.


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