Crazy Hills Explorer Pack

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EXPLORER PACK contains everything you need to start your growing journey, whether you are a professional or newbie grower, and is sufficient for 4 to 6 plants, depending on the pot and plant size. EXPLORER PACK is here to help you discover the beauty of growing, for your indoor or outdoor gardens, and will help you grow big buds and healthy plants, naturally!

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The Crazy Hills Explorer Pack provides all the essential nutrients to promote plant growth, flower development and fruiting.

UPTHRIVE is an organic mineral growth fertiliser that increases the vegetative growth of your plants. The concentrated liquid mixture is easy to use and consists of purely natural ingredients. It provides essential macro- and micronutrients to give your plants a brilliant start into the growth phase. The unique formula gives your plant exactly what it needs to produce crazy-good shoot growth, high seed production and a bountiful crop yield. At the same time, it lays the foundation for flowers, fruit and buds to flourish like crazy.

PROSPER is a flowering fertiliser that provides essential nutrients to maximise bud, flower, fruit and seed production in your indoor or outdoor growing for all types of plants, including flowers, fruits, herbs, ornamentals, vegetables, hemp and medicinal plants. Its easy-to-use, concentrated liquid formula provides a natural boost of essential oils, resins and terpenes that promotes the growth of healthy buds, fruits and flowers full of crazy good scents.

ÉLAN is a botanical plant aid consisting of humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and Arctic seaweed. This concentrated liquid formula is easy to use and helps to improve plant activity and nutrient absorption during the growing and flowering period. At the same time, it ensures rapid rooting and improved plant development. ÉLAN also increases the sugar content of your plant, resulting in larger, sweeter, and more magnificent flowers, fruits and buds. ÉLAN is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation of all plant species, including flowers, fruits, herbs, ornamentals, vegetables, hemp and medicinal plants.

SPARK is an herbal biostimulant based on Ascophyllum nodosum, an Arctic marine plant in liquid form that is as fantastic as it sounds. This easy-to-use, concentrated liquid formula is specially formulated to promote flowering, fruiting and budding of your plants indoors or outdoors, on all types of plants including flowers, fruits, herbs, ornamentals, vegetables, hemp and medicinal plants. SPARK is packed with potassium and micronutrients that will give your plant the boost it needs to increase the number of buds and flowers, resulting in insanely high yields.

In the kit:

  • Crazy Hills Upthrive organic growth fertiliser 500ml
  • Crazy Hills Prosper organic flower fertiliser 500ml
  • Crazy Hills Elan organic plant booster 500ml
  • Crazy Hills Spark organic flower stimulator 500ml
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Crazy Hills Explorer Pack

59,00 €

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