CBD Tea (15g)

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  • Grown in the southern part of Latvia 55° 40°
  • Fast delivery
  • Total contains 150-270mg
  • Free of herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents or chemical fertilizers Non-GMO, Organic
  • Removes toxins from the body and increases the antibacterial environment


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Natural hemp CBD tea is grown in the south of Latvia 55° 40° with a gentle, refreshing, and slightly sharp aftertaste. A great addition to CBD therapy, especially for people who work intellectually.

Our OZZO CBD tea also has many health-stimulating effects, such as removal of toxic substances from the body (acts as an absorbent), diuretic, sleep-stimulating, analgesic effects, as well as antibacterial properties.

Does not contain allergens and gluten, suitable for vegans and those who love natural products.

Tea contains 150-270mg. Usage: Use 2-4 g teaspoons per cup of hot water (80°C).

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