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These RAW Natural Wood “Poker” are ideal accessories for better wrapping of “joints”. These handy tools, which are 11.5 cm long, are made of wood. These accessories have a burned RAW logo so you can be sure your RAW accessory is 100% authentic. Get one, a few, or a RAW box of 50 pokers, all designed to help you easily squeeze your CBD flower or hemp into “joints” or cones.

The RAW brand is popular for its high-quality wrapping paper!

RAW brand wrapping paper is a natural hemp wrapping paper that is very popular in the smoking community for a variety of reasons. RAW wrapping paper is not something you have ever smoked. These papers are naturally light brown in color because they contain a blend of unbleached hemp fiber hybrids. These chlorine-free papers are semi-transparent; they are so thin that you can see through each piece of paper. Each paper has a watermark with the RAW patented CrissCross watermark, which helps prevent tearing and maintains evenly burning “joints”. These wrapping papers are some of the best in the industry and have gathered a lot of loyal customers. RAW is dedicated to returning and has set up a RAW fund to help those in need. Buy and see for yourself why people choose RAW.

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