RAW Loader King Size


  • Perfect for those who don’t know how to roll the joint themselves
  • Great addition to the Cone 3x package.
  • Fast delivery throughout the EU.
  • Recyclable plastic is used.
  • Convenient for carrying, hiking or everyday use.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate.
  • equipped with a scraper, funnel and wood compactor.
  • Works great with SUDRABU FAM 10g CBD flowers.
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RAW Loader three-in-one is equipped with a scraper, funnel, and a wooden packer.

The eternal dilemma of rolling: how to get all the filler sitting on the tray into a cone or a paper? We were inspired by a dustpan and a brush, and that is exactly how this Loader came about.

RAW® Rolling Papers are the culmination of a 10-year project to create the most natural rolling papers possible. RAW® papers are produced in Alcoy, Spain, which is the birthplace of papers. They are known as the best and most authentic papers in the world, famous for their unique properties and history. RAW® has quickly become the largest brand in the rolling culture of the hip-hop community. RAW® is not just a product – it is a lifestyle that supports the community through the RAW Foundation.


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