G-ROLLZ | 2x White Chocolate Pre-Rolled Hemp Wraps

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  • 15Length: 10,6 cm
  • Size: King Size
  • Made using the finest Spain hemp
  • Pack of 2 pieces
  • Flavor: White Chocolate
  • No tobacco
  • Vegan product
Поторопись! В наличии осталось всего 7 шт.!

There are 2 pre-rolled organic hemp wraps in a pack.

The filters are made of corn husk.

Wraps are crafted using the finest organic Spanish hemp.

Flavor: White Chocolate

No tearing or cracking! Our high-quality hemp has increased tear resistance as well as moisture retention, allowing you to fill the wraps with ease.

The authenticity of each pack can be individually verified by scanning its QR code.

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